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The Road Back Webinar Series: Back to Basics

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Your Industry Has Been Reset

Here's What to Do...

Your casino industry has been forced back to the saloon days by COVID-19 and the reduction of your non-Gaming assets – so what on earth can you do to move forward? You need to go Back to Basics – join the free Road Back webinar series from October 6 to 8 online to explore how to utilize your assets, exploit your strengths and transform your weaknesses.

With three sessions of insights, The Road Back: Back to Basics aired from October 6-8 (Tuesday to Thursday), 2020 from 8.30am PST / 11.30am EST / 4.30pm BST 

The big challenge for resorts now then is how do they best utilize what they’ve got and attract the premium carded players – whether attracting existing customers back or encouraging new customers in.

This really is going back to basics: relearning all the classic tricks of the trade; refocusing on the assets that they can actually employ, and finding ways of repurposing their non-Gaming assets that are no longer an option.

This all presents an incredible challenge – and we have all the right experts lined up to help you overcome and succeed.


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Expert Speakers Across the Series

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Read about each session

Session One - Tuesday, October 6

Engaging with Premium Players with a 'Back to Basics'  Marketing Strategy: Part 1

Today’s Executive Player Development departments are tasked with identifying, attracting and retaining the high-value slot and table player without the lure of big-name entertainment or other high-end amenities to earn their loyalties. This session will examine how casinos can implement a mid-term strategy to optimize appeal to the value player for this segment of the market.  

  • Understanding high-end players better - and how to distinguish them in the mid-term (trip budgets, trip frequency, and bet limits, etc.)  

  • Changing player incentives - traditional premium target player needs an aggressive approach to motivating with incentives  
  • What is the impact to attracting these coveted high-value players with current concerns over air-travel?  
  • What can you offer that differentiates you from your competitors?

Followed by audience Q&A

Moderator: Howard Stutz, Executive Editor, CDC Gaming Reports


  • Holly O’Brien, VP Marketing, Golden Nugget Las Vegas
  • Scott Phillips, President, Preferred Casino Player
  • Kara Fox-LaRose, President, Ilani Resort​​​


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Session Two - Wednesday, October 7

Engaging with Premium Players with a 'Back to Basics'  Marketing Strategy: Part 2

With so much to cover in tackling this hot topic, this session delves into the same key issues as the first day - with a brand new selection of key industry figures and an updated set of questions to explore, with feedback from day one driving the conversation forward and helping to answer your most pressing questions.

Moderator: Steve J. Karoul, President & CEO, Euro-Asia Consulting, LLC


  • Doni Taube, VP Marketing, Resorts World
  • Suzanne Trout, CMO, Foxwoods
  • Jeremy Weinstein, Regional Vice President, Marketing , Caesars Entertainment
  • Harley Kaufman, Chairman & CEO, National Fire Safety Council and National Child Safety Council
  • Jennifer Weissman, VP Marketing, Penn National Gaming


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Session Three - Thursday, October 8

A High-Value, Premium Casino Player Focus Group

For the first time ever in a public webinar, we provided a format for three premium casino players to tell the industry what motivates them, what earns their loyalty for repeat business and what works and what doesn’t. These documented, genuine high-value players engaged in an open and frank discussion with an industry veteran to moderate this eye-opening exchange.

  • What elements of the gambling experience attracts these target players?
  • What incentives break through the clutter and earn their loyalties?
  • Which type of slot games motive this target group?
  • Can you appeal to this target group with electronic table games or must it be traditional live table games?
  • What kind of outreach program would be required to get their attention and attract your new target player?

Followed by audience Q&A

Moderator: Stowe Shoemaker


  • Redacted
  • Redacted
  • Redacted


...sorry, but these three certified, documented Premium Players are being kept anonymous to ensure a frank and open discussion. You will NOT want to miss out on this once-in-a-blue-moon chance to hear from these key customers.

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