Jennifer “Narz” Vargas

Jennifer “Narz” Vargas

Jennifer “Narz” Vargas is a New York City based content creator and marketing advisor for top companies wanting to break into the video game, esports, and millennial space. She innovates solutions for companies to help them vertically expand into these emerging gaming markets. Since 2011, she has ideated and executed social media, influencer, and marketing strategies for multinational brands, major esports industry leaders, video games productions, and major streaming platforms.

As a former freelance journalist, producer, business developer, and co-founder of brands and events within the space, she has helped esports leagues, esports teams, entertainment and media companies, lifestyle brands, and technology companies achieve their desired outcomes which resulted in achieving their marketing objectives, larger market presence, and organic grassroots growth supported by these targeted communities.  As a former Social Media Marketing Manager at The Gamer Agency, her engagement with Microsoft helped launch the Mixer NYC Studio platform and its esports broadcasting capabilities to streamline original programing and large tournaments. During her time with TGA, she worked with celebrities such as NFL pro player, Ahman Green, and WWE Divas, Summer Rae, to bring the Esports Celebrity Bootcamp and the $20K Gears of War Regional to NYC.

Most recently, she co-hosted and produced for Cheddar’s newest network, Cheddar Esports, which broadcasted to a whole new level of audience. With the Overwatch League’s NYXL, she consults the team on community and influencer marketing strategies to help grow their New York presence in esports.

With her extensive experience in event production, social media marketing, data analysis, marketing strategy development, and executing / driving video game marketing and event campaigns, Jennifer has countlessly and effectively helped companies infiltrate the esports industry. Her vast knowledge and understanding of the values, belief systems, rules, norms, morals, language, organizations, and institutions that make up the foundation of esports have successfully helped hundreds of clients. Every genre of esports (i.e. FPS, MOBA, RTS, etc.) has its own subsidiary of cultures, sometimes vastly different from each other. Jennifer’s deep understanding of those cultures is why she is the go-to consultant If companies want to get into the esports industry.