Grant Johnson

Grant Johnson

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Esports Entertainment Group (GMBL: OTCQB)

Mr. Grant Johnson is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Esports Entertainment Group (GMBL:OTCQB), a licensed online gambling company with a specific focus on esports wagering and 18+ gaming.  From inception, Mr, Johnson has successfully led the company through multiple financing rounds, leading to the engagement of Joseph Gunnar & CO and Dinosaur Financial Group and a major financing in November 2018.  

Moreover, he has successfully led the development of VIE.gg, the company's business model with launching a P2P esports wagering platform and the world's first esports bet exchange, VIE.gg. The company is widely viewed within the esports industry as, the most transparent online wagering platform due to the status of Esports Entertainment Group as a fully reporting SEC issuer.  As a result, more than 190 esports teams from around the world have partnered with VIE.gg to date, including one of the most recognized esports teams on the planet.

Mr. Johnson is recognized as an igaming pioneer who began his career in 1996 as Vice President of Starnet Communications International, a leader in the Internet gambling industry. As Vice President of Sales, Mr. Johnson led Starnet’s sales team and was a driving force behind Starnet’s market leading position in the B2B sector of the Internet gambling industry.

In addition, Mr. Johnson was instrumental in the business development activities at Starnet and was directly involved in establishing many of Starnet’s strategic relationships until his departure in 1999.   

Mr. Johnson is a business development and sales management professional with more than 30 years of industry and public company management experience. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and history from the University of Western Ontario.

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