Elijah Roach

Elijah Roach

Founder & CEO, SaberVR

Elijah Roach is the founder, and CEO of Saber VR, a virtual reality studio and pro gaming center in Central New Jersey.In 2010, He earned a Computer Science Degree from Brookdale Community College for Computer programming. A few years later he went on to earn his bachelors degree at NJIT for virtual reality game design with a concentration in UNITY and UNREAL ENGINE 4.

Elijah started his VR career with Trinity Solar. He designed a virtual reality field test system with aptitude test and photospheres to be able to test, analyze and assist in the hiring process of new employees before they go off in the field on their own. This is when Elijah noticed the true value in Virtual Reality, but came to the realization that pro gaming was his true calling. Elijah spent over 500 hours designing and developing Saber VR. His company is bridging the gap between console gaming, VR experiences and Esports. Saber VR has been able to accomplish this by melding technology from all three industries. 

Elijah and his team have formed partnerships with many of the top game development companies and Indie developers alike. Saber VR has also jumped head first in all the aspects of Esport gaming and hosts weekly events, from console gaming to omni treadmill arena, and simulated racing!  He has dreamed of owning an Esports Arena ever since he could hold a Nintendo controller. Now his dream has come into fruition. Saber VR has been voted as the top gaming venue in New Jersey!

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