Hosted by Massachusetts Gaming Commission featuring its responsible gaming program GameSense


As gambling, sports wagering and interactive gaming expand to new states, new markets and new channels, Responsible Gambling and protection of the most vulnerable require expanded focus and attention – and that’s what ICE North America plans to achieve with its Responsible Gambling Zone.


Following in the footsteps of the similar Consumer Protection Zone at ICE London, Responsible Gambling Zone at ICE North America will be the key place showcasing innovations in consumer protection and displaying the most effective tools  to ensure safer gambling.


For more information on the Responsible Gambling Zone at ICE North America, please contact Ewa Bakun at

With its dedicated space on the show floor and an interactive display curated by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, ICE North America Responsible Gambling Zone will showcase RG programs and measures, such as GameSense, bringing this important topic to the forefront of market considerations. 

GameSense combines recommendations on responsible gaming with interactive tools and exhibits meant to engage patrons both within casinos and through various digital platforms. Massachusetts pioneered the adoption of GameSense in the United States and is currently the only jurisdiction required by law to offer an onsite responsible gaming resources.

ICE North America Responsible Gambling Zone follows in the footsteps of the Consumer Protection Zone at its mother show, ICE London. Make sure you visit so you are fully up to date with the latest information necessary to ensure a safe gaming environment and to protect the most vulnerable consumers. 

Those interested in furthering their knowledge and understanding of Responsible Gambling are also invited to attend the GSA North America Summit, co-located with ICE North America and taking place  on Thursday, May 16. Discounts are available for attendees of both events. More information coming soon. 

Sponsorship of the Responsible Gambling Zone

Proceeds go to a Responsible Gambling cause


ICE North America invites operators that put Responsible Gambling at the heart of their strategy and operation to become sponsors of its Responsible Gambling Zone and thus be profiled as supporters of Responsible Gambling through pre-event, post-even and onsite promotion. 

The proceeds raised through this sponsorship will be donated, in its entirety, to a Responsible Gambling cause or research project. 

To learn more about this opportunity, please contact Ewa Baku at

To find out more about a similar initiative, Consumer Protection Zone at ICE London, please click here

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