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ICE North America 2019 has now finished, we are looking forward to showing you what is coming in 2020- stay tuned and pre-register by clicking the button below. We will let you know when registration has gone live.


Register your interest for 2021

Press Admission Policy and Registration

Registration for press:

Register via this link for your press pass, we will approve or decline within 5 days.


  • ICE North America is open to accredited gaming industry media only, unless under prior agreement with the organizers (Clarion Gaming, part of Clarion Events) or if they are the guest of an exhibitor. In this event, the host exhibitor must provide the organizers with written undertakings to take full responsibility for the actions and behavior of invited non-trade media. 


  • Exhibitors will be required to collect their invited media at registration, be responsible for their actions at all times, escort them from the show, take receipt of their entry badge and return it to ICE North America registration desk.


  • Consumer and other non-gaming media must provide written confirmation that all film and content taken at ICE North America is the intellectual property of the organizers and cannot be used or broadcast without their prior written permission.


  • In the event of a member of the non-gaming media gaining access without the above permission or if they have gained entry to ICE North America using false information or credentials or have deliberately withheld information, they will be ejected from the event. Film and content taken will remain the intellectual property of the organizers and cannot be used or broadcast. 
  • The organizers retain the right to remove anyone from the hall, should they be seen photographing or filming in prohibited areas. To receive permission for filming or photography, please fill in this form and send to alex.hamilton-tomlinson@clariongaming.com prior to attendance and on approval of submissions.
  • No person under the age of 21 years, including children of the press, will be admitted during the tenancy period. 
  •  Entry is at the discretion of the organizers, who reserve the right to exclude any person(s) without prejudice.

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