ICE North America 2019 has now finished, we are looking forward to showing you what is coming in 2020- Networking is such an important part of any event, meeting like-minded industry professionals and building on your business relationships. We look forward to showing you what networking opportunities we have planned for 2020. Stay tuned and pre-register by clicking the button below. We will let you know when registration has gone live.



Networking is Key to the ICE North America Experience - Get involved!

We carefully build the event around the visitor, ensuring a perfect mix of exhibiting solutions, conference intelligence and that all-important peer-to-peer networking to help you establish existing relationships, create new foundations for future business and learn from people who have been there and done that.

While the ICE North America exhibition is itself an incredible networking platform, we also have dedicated events taking place - all laid on for FREE to all our participants (what do you mean you only normally get this kind of treatment at paid-for conferences?)  

Register below to get your name on the guest-list for each of our FREE networking events.... See you there!



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We are currently working on a unique and exciting networking timetable for ICE North America be sure to stay tuned for updates.