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Stand: C50
The primary objective of LineLibrary is to standardize optimal risk transfer between sportsbook operators. Having a wager focused exchange will allow sportsbooks, liquidity providers, trading firms, and retail bettors alike to capitalize on the equity they have earned on a wager, or hedge the risk associated with one, where previously they have not been able to extract this value. Sportsbooks are in search of a more efficient mechanism for offsetting imbalanced action without shifting lines to entice wager creation. Liquidity created from sportsbooks hedging imbalanced action on the LineLibrary exchange creates real-time price discovery. In the same format a retail investor sells five shares of Apple, they were able to do so because of the massive liquidity of Apple shares moving in the markets from hedge funds and institutional investors. Sportsbooks would take the place of what you’d call the “institutional monies,"​ giving the necessary liquidity to the retail market for arbitrage opportunities. In the midst of developing a turnkey solution for sportsbook operators and their risk-management exigencies, we establish a fluent data pipeline that directly assists professional sports leagues with their integrity objectives. While many third-party software companies monitor operator's line movements in attempt to predict fraudulent activity, it quantitatively cannot become more accurate than being the platform that safely facilitates that volume altogether. Having regulated sportsbooks backed by official league data hedging risk on an exchange engulfed with volume flow from offshore and unregulated operators is extremely problematic. Professional sports leagues may wish to keep an arm lengths distance from cyphering excessive revenue directly out of the betting markets, but being under-involved in the very manner these operators are hedging volume poses a significant liability and bifurcated frame of reference to the integrity objectives they wish to uphold.


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