Let’s create a diverse and inclusive industry from the start!



Influence the make-up of the emerging US sports wagering industry by ensuring it’s inclusive and diverse when it comes to its workforce, image and product.


Sports betting tends to be a white male dominated industry, but we know from numerous studies that companies with gender and ethnic diversity simply perform better financially bringing more innovative thinking and different perspectives that can open the market to new types of demographics.


Therefore, diversity is not just a moral, but a commercial prerogative.


ICE North America is helping to facilitate the creation of a diverse industry be adding focus session and networking on diversity across gender and race on May 14 at 4:45-6pm.  



Tuesday, May 14, 4:45 – 6 pm

ICE  VOX (free to attend to all ICE North America visitors)


In partnership with All-In Diversity                                                             

       all-in diversity project


Diversity in US sports betting
Chris Halpin, Chief Strategy and Growth Officer, NFL

Kaitesi Rama-Munroe, Legislative Analyst, NY State Assembly 

Moderator: Tina Thakor-Rankin, Co-founder, All-In Diversity


Sports betting tends to be a very white male dominated industry, but as US sports wagering industry emerges, what specific efforts can be undertaken to make sure it’s diverse from the start across gender and race? 

This Elevator session invites men and women of all ethnicities and sexual dominations to discuss how to create an inclusive industry that will allow for more innovation and better financial results. The formal discussion will be followed by networking in the Hive at 5:30-6pm.


ICE VOX area will open to all ICE North America badge holders from 4:30 and will be free to attend to facilitate exchange of knowledge and best practice on this important topic.


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