Get to know gaming Canada

May 15, 2019

The Canadian gaming industry is a large, mature industry that is present in every region of the country and generates significant benefits and activities across the broader Canadian economy. This expansion has been driven by several key factors: technological innovation, shifts in public perception of gaming, consumer demand for new and engaging gaming channels, and innovation occurring in a globalized, competitive market. The pace at which the industry continues to evolve is relentless, and Canada remains in the driver’s seat in this digital economy as its companies, technologies, products, and expertise are in constant demand.

In this extended HIVE session, we will discuss new development and trends in the Canadian gaming marketplace and explain why companies are choosing Canada to access the North American gaming market. Learn how (and why) companies are taking advantage of Canada’s huge supply of talent and digital and other tax credits. Grab a seat and join us!

Paul Burns, President & CEO - Canadian Gaming Association
Ilkim Hincer, President & CEO - MT>Play
Ron Segev , Founding Partner - Segev Lew LLP
Danielle Bush, Partner - Miller Thomson LLP

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