Monetizing eSports: How to make the latest trend commercially viable?

May 14, 2019

Although rapid growth and expansion of esports makes the industry an undeniable force in the gaming industry, the answer of how to monetize the trend is still proving elusive to casino operators. There are multiples strategies for creating revenue through the integration of esports with the implementation of the proper infrastructure 
 Wagering as an esports revenue stream

 Entertainment and hospitality as an esports revenue stream

 Marketing as an esports revenue stream  
Learning outcomes:

 Tournaments and how to hire the right people to run them

 Ticket sales for large pro-tournaments  Marketing through streaming and broadcasting  

Moderator: Seth Schorr, Fifth Street Gaming: Jack Vandervelde, Helix eSports Jennifer “Narz” Vargas, Marketing + Producer + Bizz Dev in Esports Jamison Selby, SVP, Games & Marketing, b spot Michael Cutillo, Former Microsoft and Esports Educator 

Seth Schorr, CEO - Downtown Grand
Jamison Selby, Senior Vice President - b spot