Overview of the New Face of Gaming: iGaming, Skill-based Slots and eSports

May 14, 2019

Overview of the New Face of Gaming: iGaming, Skill-based Slots and eSports 
The future of the casino relies on the next generation. To create a roadmap into what a casino floor will look like in the future, we must first familiarize ourselves with the types of gaming that newer generations enjoy, and that will bring them out of their living rooms and into the casino. This is a 101 into the future of the casino floor, eSports and iGaming for the next generation of casino customer. 
eSports & iGaming 101

 How does esports integrate into igaming?  

 eSports and skill-based games –  How will they impact the future of the casino floor?

 How does eSports help the overall casino market? 

Learning Outcomes:  

 Ideas in the market place.

 Development and integration of how the topics can be instituted into your casino

 What online esports will look like with the integration into the casino market and igaming

 Skill-based gaming: what exists and what does the future look like?  

Moderator: Roger Gros, Publisher, Global Gaming Business Magazine
Speakers: Jamison Selby, SVP Games & Marketing, b Spot;  Amir Rubin, co-founder and CEO, Sixense Enterprises Inc. Melissa Blau, iGaming Capital, Ari Fox, Partner, Casino eSport Conference

Roger Gros, Publisher - Global Gaming Business
Melissa Blau - iGaming Capital
Jamison Selby, Senior Vice President - b spot
Amir Rubin, Co-founder and CEO - Sixense Enterprises Inc.
Ari Fox, Co-Founder - Gameacon and The Casino eSport Conference