Marketing to Millennials and Gen-Z

May 15, 2019

Newer generations spend most of their time online but not necessarily on Facebook & Twitter. These users are also savvy enough to know how to block unwanted messaging. How do you look for the right connection to the gamer world? Understand which social media works and how to get your message to this elusive demographic. 
 How esports can be used to reach millennials and Gen-Z?

 What are the options beyond social media?  

 Where do we begin on Twitter, Reddit and Discord?

 The power of influencers as demonstrated by APEX Legends  

Learning Outcomes:

 Learn about the best social media channels for gamers

 How does a casino prove its authenticity with the esport industry?

 Learn who the leading influencers are and how to utilise them 

Speakers:  Moderator: Seth Schorr, Fifth Street Gaming Charles Conroy, Vice President of Gaming, The Switch Jennifer Uchin, Microsoft Jennifer “Narz” Vargas, Marketing + Producer + Bizz Dev in Esport Neil Duffy, Vice President of Business Development, WorldGaming and the Collegiate StarLeague (CSL) 13

Seth Schorr, CEO - Downtown Grand
Charles Conroy, Vice President - The Switch
Neil Duffy, Vice President of Business Development - WorldGaming and the Collegiate StarLeague (CSL)