1. Skill-based Gaming
    Millennial customers aren’t interested in chance-based games like the generations before them. Learn about what is coming to the casino floor. Will the introduction of skill-based slots make this look ...
  2. Marketing to Millennials and Gen-Z
    Newer generations spend most of their time online but not necessarily on Facebook & Twitter. These users are also savvy enough to know how to block unwanted messaging. How do you look for the right co ...
  3. Architecture: Hardware, Software, Space, Security and Support
    There is no question that inclusion of esports in your property is going to require some investment in infrastructure.  In order to avoid unnecessary costs, you will need to know how to do the most wi ...
  4. Hosting Tournaments
    Tournament’s take a lot of preparation to deliver a fast class event. This session will look at what is expected at a tournament. Will the focus be entertainment, wagering or peer-to-peer play? What e ...
  5. Understanding the Major eSport Games: Teams, Structure & Rules; Gamer Psychology
    This session will discuss the leading esports games of today and tomorrow. Identify the various teams, leagues and games that are played and how they can be reached. Learn how to create a friendly env ...

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